Voice Range: 30s-40s, Middle Age, Senior

Accents: American (various regional, including Midwestern, Western, Southern), British RP, Cockney/Estuary, French, German, Irish, Italian, Scottish

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Doug Ramsdell is a trained actor based in New York City, with an extensive background in film, TV, commercials, and music, as well as more than a decade in book publishing/marketing. His innate curiosity has led him to become comfortable and conversant in numerous specialized fields, including:

  • The art, business, and craft of music
    (all genres)

  • Sociology; psychology

  • Medicine (human, veterinary)

  • Aviation (civilian and military)

  • US history (civilian and military)

  • Horsemanship and the
    American West

  • Audio, video and film production

  • The art and business of
    book publishing

  • Theatre arts 

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